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"the goal of foreign project: expansion of your sales in the new global market"

Foreign Project (Progetto Estero) consists of an operational network of various experts in the global market, professionals, commercial agents and sellers, specialized in getting the products of Italian companies sold in foreign markets.

In 2006 Foreign Project was born, emerging from the professional curiosity for international markets of its founder Agostino DAL ZOTTO. Agostino was born in Vicenza in 1969 into a Italian business family, and himself worked in that family business which operated in the production and selling of heating and cooking products, and later real estate.

The organizational structure of Foreign Project is primarily directed at small and medium-sized Italian companies (who do not have and can-not have an independent structure to operate in different markets) and provides, at a shared and contained cost, an effective system of assistance to companies that want to sell their products in foreign markets, in this way creating growth and new job opportunities.

In brief, the operation is divided into two stages:

The positioning of the Italian product in the target country through the operator:
the entrepreneur is assisted in gaining access to the foreign markets which interest him and then the commercial agents, located in that country, sell the Italian product in that country either immediately or in the appropriate time frame.
The Italian firm, in some cases, can operate as a partner / customer of a foreign commercial company that takes care of the sale of the products.
Particular buyers may be preferred according to their payment methods.
The Italian company, in this way, can select its own customers, retaining good Italian payers and eliminating bad payers, replacing them with foreign customers and then implementing the total work.
Result: products get sold abroad and companies get paid regularly.

Establish own production site in the target country:
Italian companies that want to increase their property abroad will have the opportunity to find suitable areas in which to undertake their activities and where they can sell their products.
These companies will be supported by local professionals or Italian experts well-versed in taxation, law, human resources and marketing.
This stage may represent a natural evolution of the first.
Result: a branch of the parent Italian company or a new independent company is created abroad.

The structure of Foreign Project is such that it can collaborate also with foreign companies or business people who want: to operate in Italy; to buy “Made in Italy” products; to sell their products in the Italian market or in other international markets; to create, in Italy or in other markets, a branch of its own company or a new independent company.

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